Jul. 23rd, 2010

Well, there goes $13 million worth of lost profits. Dipshits. If you want things right you have to do them yourself, so I guess I'll be taking a business trip to California sometime soon.

But hey, it's not all bad news! The first clinical trial evaluating the use of MDMA as a therapeutic aid in treating patients with chronic PTSD was completed and the results are very promising! Except for this part right here: Overall, Dr. Young said he is "cautiously optimistic," and that results such as these may lead to the use of new compounds. "One of the things that happens when you take ecstasy is that the chemical oxytocin is released, which probably contributes to this feeling of well being. So perhaps there's something to bypassing the abuse potential of [MDMA] and going straight to taking oxytocin, which is starting to be prescribed for things like autism.

"Potentially, this may lead us down pathways that take us to better drugs," he concluded.

Excuse me, no. I do not approve. "Better drugs"? Frankly, I'm a little insulted!

Jul. 5th, 2010

Having company is nice. Having company is not so nice when said company doesn't want to play with me. That's just ridiculous! Who wouldn't want to play with me?

Oh well, it was my brother's guest and if my brother is happy then so am I! Plus it gave me a chance to spend a whole weekend with Eve. She's come so far from when I first got her -- I took her with me to another club this weekend, and she got all offended when some kid tried to sell us some E that wasn't "our product." I'm so proud! We'll make a good little assistant-kingpin of her yet.

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Jul. 1st, 2010

A year ago I had plans to become a history major, maybe eventually work in a museum or something. Last month I was finding microwaves in the bathroom and crunching numbers for massive shipments from Amsterdam and having truly ridiculous sex with my boss and his brother who I'm not sure is his brother at all and experimenting with things of varying legality. This is crazy. But it's good. I think I'm crazy, too. I think I'm going to go roll, and since when did that become my default answer for everything? Oh god my life is turning into one of those Lifetime-channel cautionary tales about young girls who get caught up in a world of partying and drugs and end up dead or something.
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Jun. 7th, 2010

I think there's still orange goo on the bathroom ceiling.

Oh well, I'm too short to reach it and I don't have a ladder and I would probably fall and break something if I tried to reach it from the counter! And it isn't like a little goo on the ceiling is a bad thing. Who looks at the bathroom ceiling anyway?

Apr. 29th, 2010

Hallucinogens help cancer patients

They say "may one day help," but they don't know. They don't know that one day was yesterday and it was today and it's tomorrow and it will always be one day. We'll always help but they have to let us. One step closer.

I think I'll go visit Sasha. He's the one who made me so popular in the first place, and was one of the first to put forth the idea that I could be useful in treating PTSD and aiding in therapy. It would be interesting to hear his take on these recent studies.

Apr. 23rd, 2010

So, I know my boss is one of those people who thinks that drugs, sex, and parties are the only things that make life worth living, and he indulges in them a lot. A lot. But he went to this party on Tuesday --who parties on Tuesdays?-- and when he got home on Wednesday morning he went straight to bed and hasn't gotten up since. I've been in to make sure he's still alive check on him a few times and he just looks like he's asleep, but... I don't know, is this normal? I mean, it's Friday night now. He's usually downstairs making the rounds but he's still out cold. Should I be concerned? If he doesn't wake up by tomorrow I'm calling a doctor.

[ooc: Everybody say hello to Eve. Eve is Ecstasy's purchase-turned-assistant, a girl he bought from Cocaine a while ago when his former assistant got "too old and boring." Eve is not her real name; he cooked up a whole new identity to hide the fact that, you know, he bought someone who likely has a missing person's report on her somewhere. She has no idea who "Adam" really is, and therefore is completely unaware that Ecstasy regularly crashes for days at a time.]
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Mar. 11th, 2010

There aren't enough spaces on the form for my real name! And am I supposed to put the year I was synthesized as my birthday or the year when Shulgin and Zeff introduced me to the psychotherapists or the years I got popular in clubs? And where do I put as my country of origin? I mean, if you want to get technical I was created in Germany and if I get high enough I think I remember it? But I don't know, I don't think I actually had a permanent body until like... 1976, and that was definitely in California.

This census thing is hard! I'm gonna roll and go cuddle with Evie until my head stops hurting from all this thinking.

Feb. 4th, 2010

Training a new assistant is hard. I swept my old one right out of a rave in the 90s, so he was already plenty familiar with ecstasy and all, but my new girl was a total Miss Priss before she ended up in my possession employ. There's so much to teach her! It took two full days to convince her to even try one little tab of E! Still, I dunno. I don't think I'm going to force the chemical-bonding part. I don't want her to think of it as, like, an obligation. I want her to associate ecstasy-the-drug with ecstasy-the-feeling, you know, like she does it because she wants to and because she loves how it makes her feel, and because she loves me. She doesn't now, but she will. She'll see that I'm really the best thing that could have happened in her life. What's better than pure ecstasy? Plus, someone in this place needs to be sober most of the time to deal with all the boring shit when I'm... otherwise occupied. I think I'm going to name her Eve.

But not right now! Right now, I've got two shipments coming in from Amsterdam and three hours to divide them all up for my distributors before the weekend rush!

Dec. 3rd, 2009

First images from Holy Rollers

"The story is about an impressionable youth from an Orthodox Brooklyn community who is lured into becoming an Ecstasy dealer..."

Oh fuck yes, guess who's going to Sundance this year? People will be talking about the film and the ecstasy, and who knows? Maybe I'll get a few so-called big names to give it a try. Of course, this is Sundance. Those pretentious "indie actors" would all probably be just as douchey on a good mellow trip as they are sober. I'd hate to hear them start monologuing when the high really kicks in. I'll stick to partying with the non-celebrity plebs, on second thought.

And because I felt bad about not voting last year, I had these tabs made up. They just got in this week, don't you love them? I think it's a remarkable likeness of our esteemed President. Just doing my part to help keep his approval ratings up, of course.

Nov. 30th, 2009

As far as my business associates, employees, and customers are concerned, Adam's gone on an unspecified leave of absence. He'll come back in time to put the finishing touches on the club before the grand opening. In his place he's asked his sister Molly to come keep an eye on things.

Dude, I haven't been a girl since 1978. Well, there might have been one time in like... 88? 93? I don't remember when. I forgot how squishy girl bodies are! And don't even get me started on girl fashion, it's crazy! I think I spent like $500 just on bras and things.

But it's nice, you know? I needed a change. 31 years of constant partying can only be fun for so long. Time to get back into psychotherapy. There have been some fascinating studies done about my use in treating sufferers of PTSD. I've missed so much! Maybe after the club's settled Molly will start making more appearances. Gotta keep up with the times, man.

Nov. 8th, 2009

This news story makes me sad. 300 pounds of ecstasy seized by Customs and Border Patrol. 300 pounds! What a waste. I mean, look at it! Fucking beautiful, isn't it? Think of how many parties that would supply!

All our permits came through and construction on my building's going to start tomorrow! It needs a name, though. I'm thinking Transcendence, any opinions or other suggestions? I'll take them all! Also, I need a theme. Is retro still in? I miss the eighties!

Nov. 5th, 2009

I bought a building! A really big one. It's got four floors and I have plans for all of them. The bottom two are going to be a club, the third floor will be the "offices" for the club and the rest of my business, and I'm going to live on the fourth floor. My... well, I guess you could call him my business manager or something? He's the dude who takes care of all my money and the imports and all that boring legal shit. Anyway, he's taking care of all the inspections and the licenses and construction, but I get to be in charge of decorating and hiring and everything. We're doing up my floor first, and everything else should be ready in time for me to throw the most kick-ass New Year's party ever! I'm excited! Finally gonna consolidate all my operations into one place, like some kind of crazy power base.

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Oct. 29th, 2009

I've got a new project! Oh, I'm excited. If everything goes as planned, this will be the single most awesome thing I've done since... idk, ever?

And Halloween parties! Fuck me, this weekend is going to be awesome. I am a happy, happy hug drug.

[Private to Drug Gods]

I'm going on a field trip! My poor imprisoned babies need to be reminded of the pleasure I give them and how much better I can make certain things feel. Anybody want to come with and remind their followers of the same?


Oct. 18th, 2009

It seems that in my absence, the local E trade has... deteriorated considerably. Prices are all over the charts, dealers are buying poor-quality shit made in backyard labs and selling it for quadruple the price, and some bastards think it's fun to sell mixed tabs as pure ecstasy without warning the poor buyers. I don't even want to think about what was in those tabs instead of E; I lost count of how many bad trips there were this weekend alone.

That being said, it's time for a change. I was the be-all, end-all E dealer in this town before I left and I think it's time I picked up where I left off! Gotta get all the dealers in line and make sure they're only selling the Belgian I import, instead of that swill. No fun, but if these bad drugs are hurting my poor followers then I have to get all "big mean drug dealer dude."

On a more fun note, Halloween parties are coming up! I'm going as a zombie raver, it'll be awesome! So many parties to go to on one day, it's gonna be crazy busy and I can't wait!

Oct. 1st, 2009

I've decided I'm never going away again. I go on one little six-month trip and come back to find all my favorite playmates getting all monogamous and shit. Not cool! You're using my drugs and dancing with me and saying you love me, and then you get all "oh no I can't blah blah blah." What the fuck?

It makes me sad. When they're high everybody says they love me but when they come down they don't mean it, they love somebody else better. Think it's time for a nap. Maybe partying so much right after that long trip wasn't a good idea. I'll be in a better mood when I wake up. Then I can find somebody new to play with!

Sep. 26th, 2009

Hate flying. Dude in the seat next to me would not quit glaring -- listen, if I'm not allowed to roll from the time I set foot in the airport (or like three hours before, so I don't look all suspicious) to the time I set foot out the other airport across the country, you bet your ass I'm gonna get fidgety. That was, like, a solid 12 hours without any E. Dark times, dark times.

But I'm home! Where's the party? Who missed me?

Sep. 22nd, 2009

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